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Protein Information (annotations from UniProt)

Database IDHIV0001914
UniProt IDQ15596
Primary gene name(s)NCOA2
Synonym gene name(s)BHLHE75, SRC2, TIF2
Protein nameNuclear receptor coactivator 2
Protein functionTranscriptional coactivator for steroid receptors and nuclear receptors. Coactivator of the steroid binding domain, AF-2 but not of the modulating N-terminal domain, AF-1. Required with NCOA1 to control energy balance between white and brown adipose tissues. Critical regulator of glucose metabolism regulation, acts as RORA coactivator to specifically modulate G6PC expression. Involved in the positive regulation of the transcriptional activity of the glucocorticoid receptor NR3C1 by sumoylation enhancer RWDD3. Positively regulates the circadian clock by acting as a transcriptional coactivator for the CLOCK-ARNTL/BMAL1 heterodimer, By similarity. {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:Q61026, ECO:0000269|PubMed:23508108, ECO:0000269|PubMed:9430642}.
Subcellular locationNucleus.
ECO codeClick here for more information.
Amino acid sequence
FASTA format: Q15596
Gene Ontology
(Biological Process)
Complete annatation
bile acid and bile salt transport [GO:0015721];
cellular lipid metabolic process [GO:0044255];
cellular response to hormone stimulus [GO:0032870];
cellular response to Thyroglobulin triiodothyronine [GO:1904017];
circadian regulation of gene expression [GO:0032922];
intracellular receptor signaling pathway [GO:0030522];
locomotor rhythm [GO:0045475];
negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter [GO:0000122];
positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter [GO:0045944];
regulation of glucose metabolic process [GO:0010906];
regulation of transcription, DNA-templated [GO:0006355];
transcription, DNA-templated [GO:0006351]
Gene Ontology
(Molecular Function)
Complete annatation
chromatin binding [GO:0003682];
histone acetyltransferase activity [GO:0004402];
ligand-dependent nuclear receptor binding [GO:0016922];
ligand-dependent nuclear receptor transcription coactivator activity [GO:0030374];
nuclear hormone receptor binding [GO:0035257];
RNA polymerase II core promoter proximal region sequence-specific DNA binding [GO:0000978];
RNA polymerase II intronic transcription regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding [GO:0001162];
thyroid hormone receptor coactivator activity [GO:0030375];
transcription coactivator activity [GO:0003713]
Gene Ontology
(Cellular Component)
Complete annatation
dendritic spine [GO:0043197];
Golgi apparatus [GO:0005794];
microtubule [GO:0005874];
neuronal cell body [GO:0043025];
nucleoplasm [GO:0005654];
nucleus [GO:0005634];
postsynaptic density [GO:0014069];
presynaptic active zone [GO:0048786];
rough endoplasmic reticulum [GO:0005791]
Protein-protein interaction115761
Phylogenetic treeQ15596
HIV replication factor status Zhou et al., Cell. Host. Microbe., 2008
Brass et al., Science, 2008
Smith et al., J. Immunol, 2010
gene status
Lu et al., J. Virol., 2011
      Folds changes 8h: unknown; Folds changes 16h: unknown; Tested: unknown;
Schoggins JW and Rice CM, Curr. Opin. Virol., 2011
      Targeted viruses: unknown
      Viral life cycle: unknown
      Mechanism related to antiviral activity: unknown
Anti-viral restriction factor Liu et al., Retrovirology, 2011
      unknown (Triplicates)

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            Up-regulated;            Down-regulated

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Gene expression during HIV latency

(1). Mohammadi et al., PLoS Pathog., 2014

Differentially expressed transcripts (Pairwise) during latency and subsequent viral reactivation using several agents - Primary CD4+ T-cell based model

DMSO: Dimethyl suloxyde (negative control) - 0.0033% final
SAHA: Vorinostat (Histone deacetylase inhibitor) - 0.5 μM
CD3: TCR Stimulation by IL-2+ antiCD3/anti-CD28 antibodies
IL7: Interleukin-7 based stimulation
DISU: Disulfiram (alcohol dehydrogenase inhibitor) - 0.5 μM
AZA: 5-azacytidine (AZA; DNA methylation inhibitor) - 1 μM
Experimental Condition Log2 Fold Change P value Adjusted P value
AZA vs. CD3-0.8299869957866340.01178770240287810.0300209953727912
AZA vs. DISU0.1544721286272810.5417429953455670.94388010296314
AZA vs. IL7-0.1646524563632840.3926269180032850.999311006273513
AZA vs. SAHA-0.1323362656931150.589550491347360.864398804257379
DISU vs. CD30.9717355050670760.007910781288065550.023873296723984
DISU vs. IL7-0.3284742234554510.1926241191586990.566375774588919
DISU vs. SAHA-0.285229338789060.3285502562608570.710281428003665
DMSO vs. AZA0.009716494830055980.9538170356128231
DMSO vs. CD30.8304355975274510.009871648784178460.0246423179674645
DMSO vs. DISU-0.1460004489344310.5497367009283810.92277332651041
DMSO vs. IL7-0.1674381563264830.3525433263621750.818258759801353
DMSO vs. SAHA-0.1491400224165620.5288545715212960.82903488885196
HIV vs. Mock in Activation0.3984245969841150.5248614277731290.999983755607037
HIV vs. Mock in Latency0.1081019727194520.5125431948321690.999834320637052
IL7 vs. CD30.6719664807588980.03737413463222230.0867487364452897
SAHA vs. CD30.6732551148422580.05893376123151730.113397827088734
SAHA vs. IL70.02892497978357450.9056837550159950.964348161553373
(2). Iglesias-Ussel et al., J. Virol., 2013

Up and Downregulated transcripts during Latency (Latently infected CD4+ T cells vs Uninfected)- Primary CD4+Tcell based model
Log2 Fold Change P Value
unknown unknown

Gene expression during HIV infection and replication

(1). Imbeault et al., PloS Pathog., 2012

Transcriptomic profiling of HIV-1 infected CD4+ T cells - Primary CD4+ T cells
Experiment type Log2 Fold Change P Value Adjusted P Value
Infected vs. Mock unknown unknown unknown
Infected vs. Bystander unknown unknown unknown
(2). Lefebvre et al., J. Virol., 2011

Transcriptome analysis of T-cell line (Sup T1)
Log2 Fold Change unknown
(3). Li et al., J. Immunol., 2013

Lymphatic tissue
Acute Fold Change Acute P Value Asymt Fold Change Asypt P Value AIDS Fold Change AIDS P Value
-1.3 0.123181719 -1.6 0.011392948 -1.9 0.009299402
(4). Chang et al., MBio., 2011

Transcriptome analysis of T-cell line (Sup T1)

Derived from Sherrill-Mix et al., BMC Retrovirol., 2015 cross validation
Up-regulated (True) TRUE
(5). Sherrill-Mix et al., BMC Retrovirol., 2015

Deep RNA-seq analysis of primary human T cell infected with low passage HIV isolate HIV89.6 - Primary CD4+ T cell based
Test Status Log2 Fold Change P Value
OK -0.364114 0.00976514
(6). Rotger et al., PLoS Pathog., 2010

Genome-wide mRNA expression of CD4+ T cells from HIV-infected patient
(Genes differentially expressed (at adjusted p<0.01) according to the empirical Bayes approach)
Log2 Fold Change P Value
unknown unknown

Proteomic/Transcriptomics studies indicating differentially expressed genes mediated by HIV

(1). Greenwood et al., Elife, 2016

Activated (CD3/CD28) Primary human CD4+ T cells infected with pNL4-3-dE-EGFP. The table shows the complete (unfiltered) TMT (tandem mass tag)-based proteomic time course dataset
6 h 24 h 48 h 72 h RTi
1.074 1.074 0.994 1.145 1.121
(2). Navare et al., Virology, 2012

SUP-T1 cell line
FC-4hpi P-value FC-8hpi P-value FC-20hpi P-value Category
unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
(3). Hyrcza et al., J. Virolo., 2007

Primary human CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells
Affymetrix Prob ID Fold Change In CD8? Category
unknown unknown unknown unknown

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Drug-protein Interaction       (annotations from DrugBank)      top

Drugbank ID Drug Name Drug Status Pharmacological Action Drug Action
DB06871 17-METHYL-17-ALPHA-DIHYDROEQUILENIN experimental unknown unknown
DB06898 4-(2-amino-1-methyl-1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridin-6-yl)phenol experimental unknown unknown
DB07086 4-[(1S,2S,5S)-5-(HYDROXYMETHYL)-8-METHYL-3-OXABICYCLO[3.3.1]NON-7-EN-2-YL]PHENOL experimental unknown unknown
DB07087 4-[(1S,2S,5S,9R)-5-(HYDROXYMETHYL)-8,9-DIMETHYL-3-OXABICYCLO[3.3.1]NON-7-EN-2-YL]PHENOL experimental unknown unknown
DB07195 4-[(1S,2S,5S)-5-(HYDROXYMETHYL)-6,8,9-TRIMETHYL-3-OXABICYCLO[3.3.1]NON-7-EN-2-YL]PHENOL experimental unknown unknown
DB07678 (9ALPHA,13BETA,17BETA)-2-[(1Z)-BUT-1-EN-1-YL]ESTRA-1,3,5(10)-TRIENE-3,17-DIOL experimental unknown unknown
DB07707 (9BETA,11ALPHA,13ALPHA,14BETA,17ALPHA)-11-(METHOXYMETHYL)ESTRA-1(10),2,4-TRIENE-3,17-DIOL experimental unknown unknown
DB07708 3-CHLORO-2-(4-HYDROXYPHENYL)-2H-INDAZOL-5-OL experimental unknown unknown
DB07712 3-ETHYL-2-(4-HYDROXYPHENYL)-2H-INDAZOL-5-OL experimental unknown unknown
DB01645 Genistein investigational unknown unknown
DB07863 2-chloro-5-nitro-N-phenylbenzamide experimental unknown unknown
DB07932 dimethyl (1R,4S)-5,6-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-diene-2,3-dicarboxylate experimental unknown unknown
DB08047 4-[1-allyl-7-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-indazol-3-yl]benzene-1,3-diol experimental unknown unknown
DB08048 4-(6-HYDROXY-1H-INDAZOL-3-YL)BENZENE-1,3-DIOL experimental unknown unknown
DB08175 (2E,4E)-11-METHOXY-3,7,11-TRIMETHYLDODECA-2,4-DIENOIC ACID experimental unknown unknown
DB08320 DIETHYL (1R,2S,3R,4S)-5,6-BIS(4-HYDROXYPHENYL)-7-OXABICYCLO[2.2.1]HEPT-5-ENE-2,3-DICARBOXYLATE experimental unknown unknown
DB08398 2-AMINO-1-METHYL-6-PHENYLIMIDAZO[4,5-B]PYRIDINE experimental unknown unknown
DB08402 2-[(2,4-DICHLOROBENZOYL)AMINO]-5-(PYRIMIDIN-2-YLOXY)BENZOIC ACID experimental unknown unknown
DB02998 Methyltrienolone experimental unknown unknown
DB08595 4-[(1S,2R,5S)-4,4,8-TRIMETHYL-3-OXABICYCLO[3.3.1]NON-7-EN-2-YL]PHENOL experimental unknown unknown
DB08601 tributylstannanyl experimental unknown unknown
DB08773 RALOXIFENE CORE experimental unknown unknown

Protein Secondary Structure       (annotations from PDB)      top

PDB Accession Method Resolution Chain Structure Preview
1GWQ X-ray 2.4Å C/D=688-696.
1GWR X-ray 2.4Å C/D=742-750.
1M2Z X-ray 2.5Å B/E=734-754.
1MV9 X-ray 1.9Å B=686-698.
1MVC X-ray 1.9Å B=686-698.
1MZN X-ray 1.9Å B/D/F/H=686-698.
1P93 X-ray 2.7Å E/F/G/H=740-751.
1T63 X-ray 2.0Å B=740-753.
1T65 X-ray 1.6Å B=686-698.
1UHL X-ray 2.9Å C/D=687-696.
1YOK X-ray 2.5Å B/C=740-753.
1ZDT X-ray 2.1Å P/Q=741-752.
1ZDU X-ray 2.5Å P/Q=741-751.
1ZKY X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-698.
2AO6 X-ray 1.8Å B=740-753.
2B1V X-ray 1.8Å C/D=686-698.
2B1Z X-ray 1.7Å C/D=686-698.
2B23 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-698.
2FAI X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-698.
2G44 X-ray 2.6Å C/D=686-698.
2G5O X-ray 2.3Å C/D=686-698.
2LDC NMR - A=687-697.
2P15 X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-698.
2P1T X-ray 1.8Å B=686-698.
2P1U X-ray 2.2Å B=686-698.
2P1V X-ray 2.2Å B=686-698.
2Q7J X-ray 1.9Å B=740-753.
2Q7L X-ray 1.9Å B=740-753.
2YJD X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-697.
2ZXZ X-ray 3.0Å B=686-698.
2ZY0 X-ray 2.9Å B/D=686-698.
3A9E X-ray 2.7Å I=686-698.
3CLD X-ray 2.8Å C/H=740-751.
3DZU X-ray 3.2Å E/G=685-697.
3DZY X-ray 3.1Å E/G=685-697.
3E00 X-ray 3.1Å E/G=685-697.
3E7C X-ray 2.1Å D/H=741-751.
3E94 X-ray 1.9Å B=686-698.
3ERD X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-698.
3FUG X-ray 2.0Å B=686-698.
3GN8 X-ray 2.5Å C/E=734-754.
3K22 X-ray 2.1Å D/H=740-751.
3K23 X-ray 3.0Å D/E/F=740-751.
3KWY X-ray 2.3Å B=686-698.
3KYT X-ray 2.3Å C=686-697.
3L0E X-ray 2.3Å B=740-751.
3L0J X-ray 2.4Å C=688-697.
3L0L X-ray 1.7Å C/E=685-697.
3O1D X-ray 2.4Å B=686-698.
3O1E X-ray 2.5Å B=686-698.
3OAP X-ray 2.0Å B=686-696.
3OZJ X-ray 2.1Å B/D=686-696.
3PCU X-ray 2.0Å B=687-696.
3PLZ X-ray 1.7Å C/D=740-753.
3Q95 X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-698.
3Q97 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-698.
3R5M X-ray 2.8Å B/D=687-696.
3UP0 X-ray 1.6Å P/Q=740-753.
3UP3 X-ray 1.2Å P=741-754.
4CSJ X-ray 2.3Å B=741-753.
4DOS X-ray 2.0Å B/C=740-753.
4E2J X-ray 2.5Å C/E=741-752.
4FHH X-ray 2.3Å B=686-698.
4FHI X-ray 2.4Å B=686-698.
4IA1 X-ray 2.4Å B=686-698.
4IA2 X-ray 2.9Å B=686-698.
4IA3 X-ray 2.7Å B=686-698.
4IA7 X-ray 2.7Å B=686-698.
4IQR X-ray 2.9Å I/J/K/L=685-697.
4IU7 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=687-696.
4IUI X-ray 2.3Å C/D=687-696.
4IV2 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=687-696.
4IV4 X-ray 2.3Å C/D=687-696.
4IVW X-ray 2.0Å C/D=687-696.
4IVY X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-696.
4IW6 X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-696.
4IW8 X-ray 2.0Å C/D=687-696.
4IWC X-ray 2.2Å C/D=687-696.
4IWF X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-696.
4K4J X-ray 2.0Å B=686-698.
4K6I X-ray 2.1Å B=686-698.
4M8E X-ray 2.4Å B=686-696.
4M8H X-ray 2.2Å B=686-696.
4NIE X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-697.
4NQA X-ray 3.1Å C/D/J/K=686-698.
4OC7 X-ray 2.5Å B=686-698.
4P6W X-ray 1.9Å B=741-752.
4P6X X-ray 2.5Å B/D/F/H/J/L=740-753.
4PLD X-ray 1.7Å B=740-753.
4PLE X-ray 1.7Å B/D/F/H=740-753.
4POH X-ray 2.3Å B=686-698.
4POJ X-ray 2.0Å B=686-698.
4PP3 X-ray 2.0Å B=686-698.
4PP5 X-ray 2.0Å B=686-698.
4PP6 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=688-696.
4PPP X-ray 2.6Å C/D=688-696.
4PPS X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-698.
4PXM X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-698.
4Q0A X-ray 1.9Å D=687-695.
4QE6 X-ray 1.6Å B=740-752.
4QE8 X-ray 2.6Å C/D=740-752.
4RFW X-ray 2.4Å G=686-698.
4RMC X-ray 2.7Å B=686-698.
4RMD X-ray 1.9Å B=686-698.
4RME X-ray 2.3Å B=686-698.
4RUO X-ray 2.8Å B=686-698.
4UDC X-ray 2.5Å B=740-753.
4UDD X-ray 1.8Å B=740-753.
4WG0 X-ray 1.8Å A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J/K/L/M=742-752.
4ZN7 X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-698.
4ZN9 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNH X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNS X-ray 1.8Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNT X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNU X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNV X-ray 1.7Å C/D=686-698.
4ZNW X-ray 2.3Å C/D=686-698.
4ZO1 X-ray 3.2Å A=686-694.
4ZSH X-ray 1.8Å B=686-698.
4ZUB X-ray 2.3Å C/D=687-697.
4ZUC X-ray 1.8Å C/D=687-696.
4ZWH X-ray 1.8Å C/D=687-696.
4ZWK X-ray 2.0Å C/D=687-696.
5APH X-ray 1.5Å C=686-697.
5APJ X-ray 2.0Å C=686-697.
5BNU X-ray 1.6Å C/D=687-696.
5BP6 X-ray 2.0Å C/D=687-696.
5BPR X-ray 1.9Å C/D=687-696.
5BQ4 X-ray 1.7Å C/D=687-696.
5DI7 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DID X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DIE X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DIG X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DK9 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DKB X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DKE X-ray 2.6Å C/D=686-699.
5DKG X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5DKS X-ray 2.6Å C/D=686-699.
5DL4 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5DLR X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DMC X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DMF X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DP0 X-ray 2.3Å C/D=686-699.
5DRJ X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5DRM X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DTV X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DU5 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5DUE X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5DUG X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DUH X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DVS X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DVV X-ray 2.5Å C/D=686-699.
5DWE X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-699.
5DWG X-ray 2.3Å C/D=686-699.
5DWI X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DWJ X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5DX3 X-ray 2.0Å C/D=687-697.
5DXB X-ray 2.0Å D/E=687-697.
5DXE X-ray 1.5Å C/D=687-697.
5DXK X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DXM X-ray 2.3Å C/D=686-699.
5DXP X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DXQ X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DXR X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DY8 X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5DYB X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DYD X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5DZ0 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DZ1 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5DZ3 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5DZH X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5DZI X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-699.
5E0W X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5E0X X-ray 2.0Å C/D=686-699.
5E14 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5E15 X-ray 2.1Å C/D=686-699.
5E19 X-ray 2.2Å C/D=686-699.
5E1C X-ray 1.9Å C/D=686-699.
5EC9 X-ray 2.3Å B=686-696.
5EGV X-ray 2.8Å C/D=686-699.
5EHJ X-ray 2.5Å C/D=686-699.
5EI1 X-ray 2.4Å C/D=686-699.
5EIT X-ray 2.6Å C/D=686-699.
5G42 X-ray 1.7Å C=688-697.
5G43 X-ray 2.5Å C=686-697.
5G44 X-ray 1.8Å C=686-697.
5G45 X-ray 2.0Å C=688-697.
5G46 X-ray 1.7Å C=688-697.
5HYR X-ray 2.2Å F/G=687-697.
5I4V X-ray 2.6Å A/B/E/F=687-699.
5SYZ X-ray 1.9Å C=740-754.

HIV-1 Interaction       (annotations from NCBI HIV-1 Interaction Database)      top

HIV Partner Interaction Type PubMed
Tat stimulates 11704662
Tat enhanced by 11704662

Metabolic/Signalling Pathway       (annotations from KEGG database)      top

Pathway Accession Number Description
hsa04919 Thyroid hormone signaling pathway - Homo sapiens (human)